Technology of Interactions


ToI is a series of home appliances investigating our relationships with data and technology: ToI want to keep us connected without the associated anxiety and emotional baggage. ToI requires minimal amounts of direct interactions with human users, adopting a non-interfering approach to inform us of the worlds we live in.
Lamp gently pulses light in the direction of world news. Breathing pattern changes based on geopolitical mood. Lamp can also be reconfigured to track storms, migratory species, or any area of interest and display them with very low fidelity.

Lamp is antidote to doom-scrolling, a de-specified alternative to social media feeds. Lamp connects you to the world with ridiculous amounts of data, but also refuses you the ability to engage further than to just notice them.
Bubbles pop out when there are notifications. Work emails and family texts bubble up and fizzle away around you.

Distancing notifications from its exact representations on digital screens to ‘packets’ of information, bubble makes a mundane occurrence eventful, and proposes a playful alternative to the dings, buzzes or flashes of our digital devices.
Radio reacts to changes in your immediate surroundings. It turns to door knockings, ducks on thunderstorms, and shivers during drastic temperature changes.

Radio’s movements are chaotic but learnable. The twist and turns might seem random at first, but you can predict these changes over time. Radio reminds you of the ever changing environments you exist in. Radio wants you to learn about the little details you might’ve missed.