XHN-22 is a pair of earphones designed for fitness enthusiasts. It is a pair of stylish, compact earphones with intuitive controls. XHN-22 uses capacitive sensors to detect finger gestures on the bright red central groove. Swipes correspond to volume adjustments, double swipes skip songs, and taps pause the media. These allow for rapid controls for the athlete on the run while requiring minimal cognitive load.
Surface Modelling
Earphones was part of a 3rd year Industrial Design Studio project, to design a pair of earphones for fitness finatics. This was an attempt for detailed design, from surface modelling to Colour, Material, and Finish (CMF) considerations.
Inspired by race cars, XHN-22 incorporates iridescent panels with a dynamic form. The signature red stripe also presented an opportunity for intuitive gesture controls with capacitive touch sensors.
The forms of the earphones were 'sculpted' through surface modelling. After several iterations of CAD models and resin printed prototypes, the focus soon shifted to animations and renders. These renders were done with Blender.
Several iterations of prototypes were used to confirm and update ergonomic considerations. Since the earphones were tiny, a lot of effort was also spent trying to fit the tech package within the sleek profile.